Inhibited Liquid Acid Descaler


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SCALEX will absolutely amaze you with its foam rich ability to clean soils from a variety of surfaces. Lime, rust and scaling are no match for this powerful descaler detergent. 

SCALEX quickly dissolves insoluble mineral soils such as Lime (Calcium), Plaster, Mortar, Magnesium, Carbonate, Cement Splashes, Dripstone, Bacteria Accumulate, Light Grease, Moss and Fungus…etc of which found to be a waste, contamination or excess on surfaces and pipe line from steel, ceramic, concrete, granite, mosaic tiles, plastic as well as on painted surfaces without opening pores or causing discoloration. Removing rust and scaling in seconds, tip the scales in your favor.

The combination of wetting and penetrating agents power through soils and allows the non-fuming combine acid to destroy oxidation and hard water scales from walls and floorings. Special metal corrosion inhibitors are added to protect surfaces from deterioration on soft metals, paint and brickwork from acid attack. So that restores weatherworn brick or stone to its natural color.

SCALEX whether applied diluted even at neat, it also descaler water lines, heating and cooling units, radiators, boilers, heat-exchanger equipments, water meters and other pipeline by CIP cleaning. When used as directed, removes rust and scale from metal without pitting.


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