Soap Based Pine Cleaner/Disinfectant 

Product Description

PONDEROSA is a powerful coconut soap based pine liquid disinfectant, which forms a rich white emulsion when mixed with water. It is mild and dose not irritate to skin, contains no free causticity, non-toxic, non-inflammable with soap detergency characteristic. Harmless to metal, plastic, timber, linen, concrete, tiles, ceramic.

PONDEROSA is also a strong deodorizer, because it contains natural PURE Pine Oil, which is most effective as a disinfectant and readily removes soil and destroys germs. Widely used for clean and disinfect Industrial Waste Bins, Kitchen Garbage Bins, Drains, Food Waste and Refuse Collection Point in Hospitals, Laundries, Clinics, Offices, Public Bath Room, Schools, Kindergartens, Dormitories, Public Recreation Centre, Toilets, Changing Room, Pets husbandry…etc 

PONDEROSA leaves a long lasting and residual fresh pine aroma and can be safely used anywhere whenever a need for a high quality disinfectant is indicated except those where food is served or prepared.


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