Liquid Drain Opener

Product Description

PURGE is an acidic formulation from Australia able to immerse under water liquefying obstructed solid substance and clear slow flow drains with germicidal property inside sewage and drainage within minutes. Rubbish such liked paper, tissue, napkins, cotton wipes, food residues, soap build-up, cigarettes, toothpicks, solid fat and grease…etc. of those normally found in place of the drains resulting a blockage.

PURGE contains a self-protective ingredient that can protect porcelain, ceramic, PVC and ferrous steel parts of the drainpipes from being corroded. It is widely used in clearing sinks, urinal basin, toilet bowls, shower rooms, bathtubs, food processing plants, kitchen, catering and office…etc. all suitable in household, commercial and industrial area. Weekly maintenance ensuring every single sewage drain is trouble free though out the year.


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