Phosphate Free Multi-purpose Cleaner Concentrate 

Product Description

QUICK CLEAN, a yellowish liquid, which is miscible with water in any proportion to form an excellent cleaning agent with excellent detergency and moderated foam. It is non-corrosive, non-inflammable, non-toxic and 100% Biodegradable environmental friendly product.

QUICK CLEAN can apply in any area especially in traffic tunnel epoxy wall on which smoke stain, oily soot and carbon deposit will absolutely cause terrible trouble.

QUICK CLEAN  is no doubt a multi-purpose cleaner concentrate. With its high active content with special chelating agent forms an unique magic cleaning performance, the applications is not limited to Traffic Tunnel but also include the industries as Beverage and Brewing Industry, Canteen and Hotel, Textile Mill, on ship Board (can be diluted with hard water), in public convenience, toilet and changing room, in building maintenance for non-acid external wall washing...etc.

QUICK CLEAN is harmless to skin and most material even painted metal, ceramic, mosaic, and marble, bricks and tiles, aluminium, steel, copper and zinc alloy particularly for external wall outdoor cladding.


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