Degreaser And Hygienic Agent

Product Description

DG-66 is an effective alkaline cleaning compound possessing both strong emulsifying and germicidal action together with deep penetration ability. It is recommended for emulsifying heavy oil, stubborn grease, fatty acid oil, fish oil, oxidizing oil residues and all types of heavy contamination with conditions where ensure to be hygienic. It is safe and has no damaging effects on ferrous metals, asphalt (except aluminum, zinc alloys) wood, concrete, glass, marble stone, tiles, vitreous enamel, ceramic, terrazzo and brickwork…etc.

DG-66 is in yellowish powder form, which is easier to handle, especially for transportation and storage. The powder may be settled after long period storage but performance remains unchanged.

DG-66 is easy to dissolve in water chemically. Water down to a suitable dilution rate with hot or coldwater even seawater to form a stable solution ready for use as a liquid alkaline degreaser. Its solution is very stable in extreme temperature.

DG-66 is non-toxic, non-poison, non-inflammable, odorless and environmental friendly product.  All surfactants contained are bio-degradable with germicidal action, also control and demolish fungus growth in open area. Value added packing in sealed plastic pail with handle for recycle use. Ingredient contains no listed substances as defined by HKEPD (2001).


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