Color AQ

Color AQ


Aqueous Color Water Dye


Product Introduction

COLOR AQ is a biodegradable; non-carcinogenic and non-toxic color dye in solution form carefully balances to an optimum concentration for indication, which diffuses rapidly and freely miscible with water for subsequent dilution without insoluble precipitate. Make water flow patterns visible that easy to see and track in closed circuits or open channels. COLOR AQ comes in a choice of nine colors including Milky White.

COLOR AQ available in different types of colors namely is identical with Color Index Number (C.I. No. or CAS No.) follows with name of the color dye. The most popular colors come in a choice of eight as table below (N.B. Milky white also available for particular purpose):



CI No.

Color Name

Product Description




Shade in Fluorescent Bright Greenish Yellow, works best in silt-filled waters, can be detected visually in most water conditions or with the use of ultra-violet light or a fluorometer to trace where normal visual detection is difficult. Resistant to absorption in organic matter and should be used in water with heavy sediment loads. Fluorescent dyes will degrade naturally in direct sunlight or with the addition of chlorine. Concentration 1% w/v, an alkaline solution pH 11.0 -12.0




Shade in Yellowish Red. Concentration 2% w/v, an alkaline solution pH 11.0 - 12.0


Orange II

Shade in Bright Reddish Orange also can be used as biological stain. Concentration 1% w/v, an alkaline solution pH 11.0 -12.0


Sulforhodamine B

Also known as Acid Red 52, Shade in Bluish Pink. Concentration 1% w/v, an acidic solution pH 2.0 - 3.0




Shade in Fluorescent Deep Reddish Pink. The most commonly used dyes. Rhodamine B has the disadvantage of a greater tendency to absorb onto sediment and other water borne particles but ideal in yellowed water or water with heavy green algae growth. Concentration 1% w/v, an acidic solution of pH 2.0-3.0 N.B. Toxic at high concentration and if not used correctly can cause long lasting stains on the skin.



Scarlet 4R

Shade in Brilliant Scarlet. Permitted for medicine of oral use. Concentration 2% w/v, very mild solution pH 8.0 - 9.0




Shade in Brilliant Blue used to brighten murky ponds/ landscaped waters for decorative effects or elsewhere other dyes are undesirable. Concentration 2% w/v, a mild solution pH 6.0 - 8.0

CAS 37299-86-8

Rhodamine WT

EPA approved fluorescent dye from USA Origin, biodegradable; non-carcinogenic and non-toxic water colorant, synthetic Red to Pink having brilliant fluorescent qualities with molecular weight 567. Concentration >1% w/v, pH 9.50-11.5 Supplementary information detail available on request.



Remarks: The above color shade is 1:100 of the product in a 22mm cuvette for indication and reference only.

Hints: Minimum detectable concentration of all dyes in clear water is 1 ppm. Dye may precipitates in container after extreme long storage but performance has no influence, shake before use for achieving optimum results. Rhodamine B and Fluorescein Sodium both have fluorescent nature afford greater contrast than non-fluorescent dyes.

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Color AQ

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