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SANITISE is a combined biodegradable nonionic/cationic detergent sanitizer for the removal of soils and complete disinfect from all hard surfaces with Anti-Static functions within hygiene sensitive facilities and utilities. Widely used in Food and Drinks Industries, Institutions, Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Sauna and Massage club, Gym house, Pet Shops, Nursery, Kindergarten, Schools, Motels and Hotels, Canteens and Restaurant...etc. 


SANITISE fortified with alkaline builder and moderate foam for increased cleaning action and detergency, exhibits a high degree of hard water tolerance. Product is color coded in marine blue to distinct as a commercial disinfectant cleaner and ease for operators.


SANITISE containing a high level ingredient of active Quaternary Ammonium Compound, is a new idea in combination effective general cleaner, disinfectant and sterilant for all special anti-static hygiene coating floor (Liquid Plastic) and wall in GMP factories, Clinic Lobbies, Operation Theater, Counter Top, Sink Top, Bed Frames, Bench and Chairs, Tables, Waste Bins, Lavatory, Toilet Washroom and Restroom areas including Shower Recesses, Bathroom Fixture and other hard surfaces… etc. where virus free environment is indicated. Using SANITISE properly, even the cross infection spread of Tinea "Athlete's foot Fungus" can be prevented.


SANITISE in solution 1:50 has micro biological properties, independently certified by Australian East Melbourne Laboratories (NATA) passed T.G.A.test on Escherichia Coli, (NCTC 8196,Option C) and Staphylococcus Aurous (NCTC 4163).


SANITISE Approved and recommended by Department of Health, Occupational Health Unit, Australia to be used on breathing apparatus physical cleaning in all rescues stations in Queensland for eliminate any possibility of transfer of viral infections including SARS, Hepatitis-B and A.I.D.S.


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