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SCALEX-N will absolutely amaze you with its ability to clean insoluble soils from a variety of stone and granite slabs surfaces. Lime, rust and scaling are no match for this powerful descaler. It quickly reacts with insoluble carbonate alkaline soils to “Water Soluble Calcium Compound” that easily to wash out. The combination of wetting and penetrating agents power through soils and allow SCALEX-N to destroy those oxidation and hard water scales. 

This powerful cleaner frequently be used to dissolve carbonates, Magnesium Oxide, Calcium Hydroxide, Metallic Oxide such as in mortar, plaster, cement splashes on stone work surfaces without opening pores or causing discoloration where it may be a waste or excess normally found in outdoor floor slabs and walls from mosaic, aged marble and granite from underneath grouting. 

When used as directed, SCALEX-N also removes oxidation (rust) and carbonate scale on metal surfaces without pitting. 


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