Water Emulsible Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser


Product Description


888AD is a non-inflammable, low viscosity, low VOC, formulated with a blend of Aromatic Distillates and Emulsifiers for Oil, Fat and Grease specifically for dissolve of all types of stubborn oil and grease. It is also highly effective for the removal of Adhesive, Glue, Gum, Ink, Tar and Resins as well as excellent remover for Bitumen/Asphalt buildup contamination. Even most impact soil-deposits will be penetrated and loosened in a minute for easy flushing with water rinse to produce a totally grease-free surface. Used prior to steam cleaning and it is the best pre-treatment of smoke damaged surfaces. The selected powerful emulsifying agents in product formulation are environmental friendly 99% biodegradable. 

888AD outstanding powerful penetrative properties designed for degreasing highway equipment, machinery, railway carriage, truck and automobile engines, airplane and truck bodies, fiberglass, concrete, tile, painted floors such as Epoxy Mortar, PU-Epoxy…etc. as well as on all surfaces not harmed by petroleum solvent. An excellent product for de-waxing on painted surfaces particular on brand new vehicle’s body. Widely using on greasy parts washers in garages services also excellent in laundry industry as an oil emulsifier additive for pre-wash.


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