FC Anti-Malarial oil

FC Anti-Malarial oil


Larvicidal Oil



A first grade larvicidal oil containing a non-ionic surfactant to increase spreading pressure. It meets the World Health Organization (WHO) Specification SIF/23. which deals with larvicidal oil and without Insecticide.

FC ANTI-MALARIAL OIL is a highly refined petroleum distillate that is designed especially for mosquito control.  It also can be applied to mosquito habitat where the water cannot be drained.  Due to its nature to spread into a thin film over the water surface, only a small volume of oil is needed.

It basically kills the larvae and pupae by suffocating them.  This is the only larvicide that may provide effective control on both larvae and pupae.  As the oil can be degraded rapidly by light and microorganisms into harmless components, it should not pose much environmental risks.


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FC Anti-Malarial oil

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