FUNCHEM® 104豐潔牌®104

Stonework Cleaner 洗石水 (強酸性)

Product Description 產品簡介


104 is a foamless, colorless, strongly acidic cleaning liquid. Its deep-fast penetration property removes all kinds of stubborn rust marks, stain, and carbonic deposits on stone liked walls and floors – aged Marble, Ceramic, Porcelain, Bricks, Terrazzo, Mosaic, Tiles, Shanghai Plaster and especially for Granite where any other cleansing chemical is failed to work.

104 dissolves the carbonates which hold scale and other deposits together in a mass. After the carbonates and oxides are dissolved, sulfates, iron, calcium (lime), magnesium and other water insoluble materials fall from the surface.

104 is safe to be used with nonmetallic cleaning accessories without harming to the materials, such as bamboo, palm fiber brushes, nylon pad or sponge… etc.


104 是無泡無色透明的強酸性氧化潔液,其滲透力能快速去除附於陳舊石質 (包括大理石,高溫磚,意大利批盪,馬賽克(紙皮石),搪磁,上海洗水批盪等) 牆壁表面上之頑固金屬氧化漬,炭酸化合物…等。對於清洗花崗石,尤見其效。

104 能有效溶解緊附於石質表面的炭酸化合物,同時使黏附在炭酸化合物中的污漬(例如鐵、鈣(石灰)、鎂及硫等化合物)能隨其溶解而一併去除。不損任何非金屬清潔用品,如棕毛擦子,竹擦,棉布,海棉,尼龍墊 (百潔布)等。

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