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HYPO-6H is not common bleach. It is a Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl) solution stabilized to 6% available Chlorine (Av.Cl2) while bottling, balanced with an alkaline builder to enhance its cleansing power to higher safety, more reliable and most suitable for using as a Cleanser Bleach and Disinfectant in Germ-Free hygiene environment where indicated.

HYPO-6H is universally accepted for cleaning, bleaching, and disinfecting in one goal. Widely used as a general disinfecting as well as cleaning at the same time in routine Building Janitor Maintenance, Bleaching of organic material such as Cotton Tower, Mops Head, Polish applicator…etc. also one of the functions somewhere required by janitors after work before equipments storage. It is also used as a general disinfectant with water down 1:99 in public area against virus all over the building and 1:49 in dirty zone. Excellent suitable for Catering, Meat/Poultry/Dairy Industries on equipments and tools, Vessel and Chop Board particularly for greasy food preparation bench, Floor Cleaning, Gutters and Drains as well. 


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