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SOLVENT 222 is a clear colorless, non-greasy, non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-caustic with highly aromatic solvent of which contains no hazardous ingredient, no phosphate or butyl. Environmental friendly, economic, safe and gentle on skin and does not require special handling or storage facilities.


Gently wipe cleans and polish all metal surfaces such as Brass, Chrome, Architectural Aluminum, and Stainless Steel as well as Laminated Plastics Equipment; such as Sinks, Urinal Basin, Elevator doors and interior carriage, Rolling Gate, Kick Plates, Door Handles…etc. are some of articles to suit for. 


The State-of-Art formulation is to prevent and remove fingerprint, glue residue, stains from ink, soot, grease, dust and smudges. With its thin dry coat can eliminates oxidation, watermarks and rust from gleaming metal restoring a radiant finish, significantly on Advertising Boards, Yachts, Hotels, Motels Housekeeping Professionals, Hospitals, Restaurants, Shopping Mall, Institutions and Food Service Industry. Also an excellent lubricant for thousands items on rusted bolt and nuts.


SOLVENT 222 has an anti-static property, thus prevent dust accumulation and really give the treated surface always a shiny outlook. Does not contain petroleum distillates.



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