Ferric Chloride Solution, Iron (III) Chloride, FeCl3 (aq)

M.W.: 162.3   UN No.: 2582   CAS No.: 7705-08-0

Product Description

FC40L classified in Type I, II and III differ in concentration and trace metal content to suit different industries and requirement, all appear as a red brown liquid containing 38% - 45% w/w Ferric Chloride (FeCl3) which is an inorganic acidic salt, effective primary coagulant based on trivalent (13.1% -15.5% as dry Fe3+) manufactured by selective virgin raw material that are tested and evaluated before putting in oxidation process using Chlorine and Ferrous Chloride (FeCl2) solution. The hydrolysis of Ferric Chloride produces non-toxic Iron Hydroxide which dose not contain any substance in the quantity capable of producing any harmful effect upon the public and environment. TQM is strictly followed in the production process under ISO 9001 management.

Type I is 40% w/w minimum of dry FeCl3 for sewage treatment excellent on sludge conditioning, sedimentation and to prevent odor by eliminating Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S, a toxic gas) as well. Also suitable in varies industries such as etching agent for engraving, photography and printed circuitry; mordant in dyeing and printing textiles; oxidizing agent in dye and pigment manufacturing as well as chlorination for silver and copper ores…etc.

Type II is 38% w/w minimum of dry FeCl3 for Potable Water primary coagulant, disinfectant, feed additive and sewage treatment where trace metals content is concerned.

Type III is 45% w/w minimum of dry FeCl3, which is a special grade only for very delicate metal engraving and decorative surface effects on ceramics where precise measurements are required.

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