Perfumed Liquid Hand Soap


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NL-808 is an economical and environmental potassium soap, with highly biodegradable surfactants in viscous liquid form, neutral in pH. Carefully balanced with skin emollient and floral fragrances, it contains no non-aqueous solvent, Ethylene Di-amine Tetra Acetate, Alkylphenol Ethoxylates or cationic surfactant. Foam rich and moderate viscosity for all types of liquid soap dispensers. Leaving your skin soft, refreshing and having germicidal effect as it cleans. Each drop of liquid soap ensures 100% hygiene and prevention from risk of cross infection and slippery accident when steps on ordinary soap cakes.

NL-808 is easy to replenish and vastly used for hand washing in Restaurant, Public Bathroom, Toilet and lavatory, Recreation Area, Shopping Mall, Theatre, Hotel, Office, Workshop, Hospital and Clinic, Poultry and Pet Farm, Factory, School, Household, Kindergarten, Nursery and Food Process Plant…etc. 


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