Stainless Steel Cleaner/Brightener

Product Description

MAGIC BB  is a water-based heavy duty cleaning agents and formulated with combined surfactants and wetting agent that Deep-clean stainless steel for hard to clean surfaces, cleans and shines without scratching.  Significantly effective for the removal of stubborn smudges from oxidized Hydrogen Sulphide acid gas, burned soot, baked organic soil, smoked fumes stains and lime scale from polluted air and acid rain.  MAGIC BB is an unique cleaner and brightener for Aluminum and Stainless Steel, maintains the original finish and will not whiten or dull the finish. 



Direction for use

MAGIC BB is only for stubborn stain removal, water down to 1:4 in a plastic bucket or use as supply depends on types and condition of stains. Flush the surface with water before application.

MAGIC BB can be mopped or brushed on, spread the cleaner onto the stainless steel pieces with a clean soft cloth follows by rubbing and allowed to soak for a few minutes depending on application desired. Apply from bottom up to prevent streaking and keep surface wet. More stubborn soils can be removed by repeat application using a damp nylon pad as an applicator. Be sure to rub evenly with the grain of the stainless steel, let sit for a few minutes then rinse and buff to dry.

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