Multi-Purpose Liquid Alkaline Cleaner 鹼性萬用清潔劑


Product Description 產品簡介


LAC™ is a water based super concentrate alkaline liquid detergent. Its unique rust inhibitor formulation has well performance for the removal of heavy oils and dirt from both ferrous and non-ferrous surfaces. With proper use of water dilution, it is safe on plastics, glass, ceramic, timber and cement/concrete as well as enamels and painted surfaces. After rinsing the surface is free from streaks and residual detergent.

If well used, its strength extends from general cleaning at home and office to degreasing on overhaulsgreasy parts of engines machineries, vehicle components and workshop floors. Over the years, it has demonstrated to be one of the excellent cleaner on oily dirt areas such as in toilets, bathtub, kitchen-walls, ventilation hoods, grills, ventilation fans, carpets, timber/tiles flooring, air-con dust filters and chiller fins, and it could also be gentle on jewelries, toys, kids mat…etc, too many to be listed.

The unique emulsifying surfactants in formulation that giving superior ability to penetrate even the toughest greasy soils. Once the soil is removed, it is held in suspension, resulting in no re-deposition. For general routine cleaning, just apply a mist spray with hand triggers and wipe dry leaving a pleasant smell. Product is proudly classified as biodegradable, environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-poisonous, completely non-inflammable and non-combustible. Product contains no listed substances under control HKSAR EPD:2001

LAC™ 是超濃縮全能鹼性液體清潔劑。配方添加防止金属銹蝕抑制劑,以水適度稀釋後,發輝快速乳化除油去污之餘,對金屬更具防銹功能。適用機械維修清洗如汽車引擎、零部件、車身、工場無縫地坪…等,配合熱水高壓噴洗去除頑固油污,速效易見。產品無損地磚、塑膠、橡膠、漆油、玻璃、大理石、木材、皮革、塘瓷…等等,一抹即淨,令工作輕而易舉。



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