Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (NaOCl)

Concentrated Liquid Bleach & Disinfectant

Active Ingredient: 12% w/v Av. Cl. (Available Chlorine) 

UN 1791  CAS No. 7681-52-9 

Product Description

HYPO-12™ is manufactured to 12.5% w/w minimum available chlorine and complies with GB 19106-2003 and AS 1087-1991 for Sodium Hypochlorite Solutions. It is universally accepted for disinfecting, sterilizing and bleaching properties. We ensure active as Available Chlorine(1) (Av. Cl.) will not less than 10% w/w while delivery arrival to clients.


HYPO-12™ is commonly used in water purification, bleaching agent for paper pulp, laundry & textile industry, swimming pool disinfectant (additional information available on request), intermediate product in the manufacturing industry, fungicide, cutlery destainer in the hospitality industry, neutralizing agent of cyanide wastes in the mining and electroplating industries, and disinfectant, deodorizer, sterilizes in the food processing industry.


(1)Note: Definition of Available Chlorine is a measure of the oxidizing ability of hypochlorite solutions, and is the quantity of chlorine chemically equivalent to the oxygen that would be released during the complete decomposition of the sodium hypochlorite to sodium chloride and oxygen. It is also equivalent to the amount of iodine released from potassium iodide by sodium hypochlorite under acidic conditions.


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