Heavy Duty Alkaline Detergent/Degreaser 

Product Description


DG-23 is an extra strong alkaline cleaning compound powered up by latest technology that possessing both strong emulsifying and germicidal action together with deep penetration ability to remove all kinds of grease and dirt from most of the hard surface.

DG-23 is a free-flowing white powder. It is readily dissolve in all kinds of water such as hot, cold, soft and hard or even seawater. Its solution will remain very stable even in extreme condition. It is non-toxic, non-inflammable, odourless and environmental friendly product. Surfactants contained are biodegradable.

DG-23 is well accepted to be used in Garage, Petrol Station, Car Park, Machinery Plant, Market, Food Plant, Catering and all areas contaminated with stubborn grease, fats and oil stain.


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