Funny Corporation (thereafter refer as “The Company”) is a traditional Hong Kong based company founded in 1975. With continuous research and development, the Company has a series of FUNCHEM® products ranging from Household, Industrial and Commercial environmental chemicals and specialties to professional Air Purification and Water Treatment supplies. 

Mr. Geoffrey Poon, the founder of the Company, has experience in the chemical supply field since in the year of 1972, with his extensive Chemistry background, he established Funny Corporation in Year of 1975 after few years of (night learning) education in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The Company has successfully become one of the registered suppliers of the Hong Kong Government Logistics Department (former known as Government Supplies Department [GSD]) since 1979, and has firstly awarded a Supply Contract of Chlorine Bleach Disinfectant (HYPO-6) under the Hospital Authority (Former known as Hospital Services Department) in 1980. Along with the economic blooming in the 1980’s, the management has further trained and co-operate with Elite Chemical P/L (“Elite”) in Australia for a wide range of industrial chemicals marketing in Hong Kong and China, and becoming the Sole Agent of “Elite”. 

Funny Corporation is then incorporated in Year 1986 under the name of FUNCHEM® Limited and has invested into the Hong Kong properties with up-to-date R&D and chemicals manufacturing plant in Year of 1989. Meanwhile, Funny Corporation is running a 3 stories high self-owned Laboratory and warehouse as well as main office in an industrial building over 24,000 sq ft in Tuen Mun. With the increasing demand of environmental friendly cleansing products and Water and Sewage treatment chemicals, an OEM factory in Guangzhou China for bulk production is also in operation to support the emerging markets.

With the Australian state-of-art technology in its continuous improvement, the Company has diversified into other areas such as water treatment and toxic gas purification processing for the supplies of chemicals to various industries including Hong Kong Government but not limited to Hospitals, Swimming Pools, Water Works and Sewage Treatment Works. This made the Company well known and become the most reliable registered supplier of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for over 4 decades.

Since the establishment, the Company has designed more than 270 environmental friendly chemicals items which are now widely used by individuals, families and even large multinationals corporations including but not limited to large supermarket chains, laundries, hotel chains, restaurant chains, institutions, clinics, pools, building management as well as non-profit organizations and specialized cleaning maintenance companies. With its successfully established corporation brand, FUNCHEM®, a wide range of high performance multi-function products are now being sold over 4,000 Metric Ton per month reaching annual revenue over USD8 Million.

The product range of FUNCHEM® extends from bulk packing to tailor-made smaller packing (from100ml bottle to 27MT in ISOtank) which best suit families and personal care in supermarket chains. Categories include but not limited to the following:

-    General Cleaning series: Household Bleach, Laundry Detergents, Liquid Hand Soaps, Soap Bars, Soap Cakes, Catering Detergents, Sanitizing Detergent, Deodorizing and Disinfectants, Alcohol Hand Rub and Instant Hand disinfectant…etc.

-    Cosmetics series: Perfumes and Fragrances, Cosmetics Lotions, Shampoos, Bath Gels…etc.

-    Industrial and Institutional cleanser: Oil spill remover, De-carbonizer, Degreaser, Electrical Safety Cleaning Solvent, Air-con maintenance chemicals, Chiller Disinfectants, Hospital Grade Sanitizer…etc.

-    Environmental chemicals series: Water and Sewage Treatment, Emission Control, Nutrients for Biological Water Treatment, Polyelectrolyte, Toxic Gas Purifiers, Activated Carbon, Anthracites Filter Media, Oil Dispersant and Emulsifiers, Building External Wall Maintenance Cleaners…etc.

Along with the 1980s economic reform and the “Open Door Policy” of China, the Company has computerized its production along with its procurement and purchase, production, sales, logistics and accounts functions to tap into the computerized world. Simultaneously, the Company started to open up foreign markets for trading chemical commodities, Oil and Fats, Timber and Steel, Frozen Poultry and Meat…etc. These has boost up sales in both local and international markets, which led to the need to further implement rigid and sophisticated controls in this dynamic industry. 

The Company is proud to be among the first local chemical manufacturer in Hong Kong to gain the accreditation of ISO 9001 quality systems in the early 1990s. Our progressive management includes a continual upgrading of all our systems punctuated with safety inspections, monitored quality checks and consistent traffic follow-ups.

Funny Corporation also recognizes that the management of health, safety and environmental matters is a prime responsibility that extends from the Managing Director to every single employee. Over 99% of FUNCHEM® products are environmental friendly is our aim and target today. We encourage the active involvement and participation of all employees, regulatory authorities and members of the local community. ISO14000 accreditation is our goal in the coming years.

The company provides free on-site product demonstration and training to our clients and also service of T&C to product function performance. Job Reference of different projects, products and service can be provided upon request.

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